Summer in Docklands

jessalizzi walking dock me


With a strong desire to one day travel and explore every inch of the world, however ridden with this ridiculous need to spend every dismal dollar I earn (brunch ain’t cheap…), it’s a hard life being a twenty-something, fourth-year university student with zero financial responsibilities.

As much as I would love to spontaneously jump on the next flight to the South of France, and live out the rest of my life holidaying with the cast of Made in Chelsea in Cannes, it is unfortunately just not a viable option at this time of my life. And so, I’ve taken it upon myself to holiday in my current surroundings… I mean, it could be worse, Melbourne is kind of the best city in the entire world anyway… great coffee, excellent shopping, bit of culture & did I mention the Docklands? I put together my first ever photo-diary video of a day we spent in the Docklands recently… It took us an embarrassingly long time to even work out what iMovie was and don’t even get me started on light leaks, but we were pretty happy with the end result…

Let me know what you all think of my first ever video and what your favourite bit is below!

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 9.33.16 pm

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  1. That was great, and its always nice to play “visitor” in your own city. I mean Melbourne has so much going for it and there is always something on, that’s why I love this town. And its good to see another side of Docklands too. Great picture of the Wheel…

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