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Something I learnt very early on in life as a self-proclaimed fashionista, is that when in doubt (…or perhaps when a fight with your wardrobe spontaneously erupts) always, and I mean always, opt for monochromatic styles with a side of vintage. There is a very calculated reason why this is so, firstly, if you are fighting with your wardrobe, chances are – you are going to make bad outfit choices; you’ll start chucking everything on from all over the place in a panic to try create the perfect outfit, and my dear fashionable friend, you will fail. Miserably. So simply drop that colourful scarf, that statement skirt and the questionable hat you bought on sale, and pick out a simple, stylish black & white situation to drape over your frazzled self. 

Secondly, vintage implies you have owned the piece for a significant amount of time, therefore this is a trusted piece, a piece that you have worn in, it comes with memories, life experience, and most importantly, you know how to wear it. So just chuck that bad boy/s on, because it is going to help you get through this terribly dramatic (usually early-morning) experience.

Once you have achieved said monochromatic/vintage-chic look, slap on a statement lip, some simple jewels and grab yourself a skinny latte, because girl/fabulously-fashionable-boy, YOU DESERVE IT.

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PS: WOULD recommend Market Lane Coffee off Lygon Street… For reasons other than the cafes simplistic, dreamy interior…

PSS: In case it was not obvious from the photographs, I was indeed having one of these days yesterday. 

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