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How many slips does it take to create an outfit? The answer to that my dear friendsis two. It takes two slips. Who would have thought double-slipping, with a side of freshly picked sunflowers could feel so good? Add a few too many beautifully hand-made pieces from the Melbourne based jewellery line Brother Billy, and someone way better than Bob will be your uncle (in fact Billy may even be your Brother?!) – either way you’ll be feeling GOOD and looking mighty fine!

ANYWAYS just to mix things up even more (because double-slipping and fresh-flower picking is simply not enough excitement for one day…), I was pretty keen to experiment with different ways to wear my three new pieces. I added the square ring to the crystal quartz necklace to create a different look, and at one point I even just looped everything into the chain and wore the whole thing has a bracelet… because, well, I am kind of just weird like that. But you guys already know that. So… Take a look for yourself.

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 9.33.16 pm PS: I submitted my Summer in Docklands video (from this blog post) into a competition, if you would like to vote for it click this link:

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