Saturday Morning Rituals

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How to Saturday Morning like a pro –

ONE: Wake up friendliest (or in my case, only) sibling at the crack of dawn… (which in my world, is approximately 8.30am…)

TWO: In said siblings sleepy/confused state, convince them that it is actually Friday and they are running terribly late for work…

THREE: Now they are awake, groggy and annoyed, slip into the conversation that you indeed lied, it is SATURDAY and Brunch is awaiting so they better get a-moving on the ASAP

FOUR: Head to Little Big Sugar Salt on Victoria Street for quite possibly one of the best brunch experiences you will ever have, well at least in Melbourne anyway, and shamelessly order one of everything. Don’t be afraid to spend the entire meal commenting, reading aloud and awkwardly laughing at the hilariously witty menu, because well, it’s kind of the best thing since smashed avo on toast.

FIVE: Bring a professional camera along and experience zero shame as you take a photo of your delicious food from every single angle possible, including, but not limited to standing on a chair using only your knees…

SIX: As you leave the café with nothing but pure happiness and fulfillment, convince no-longer-annoyed sibling to take minimum 200 photographs of you in your best Brunch outfit, pausing every time you see a pretty flower situation

Please Note: If you are without sibling, best best friend who loves you way too much may also work also…

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    • I KNOW IT WAS AMAZING! tasted even better than it looked! And I know! I was in Copenhagen this time last year and couldn’t believe how cold it was! Your city is so beautiful though, so it makes up for it 🙂 <3 x

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