Playing Twister With Myself

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GOOD AFTERNOON everyone! I am currently writing this blog post thousands of feet up in the air, as I fly above the clouds heading into Sunshine Coast (…if you don’t believe me… LOOK HERE!). As much as flying gives me nothing but anxiety and pins & needles (convinced my legs are far longer than my torso and thus spend the entire plane trip playing Twister with myself), the final location is always so – totally – WORTH IT (likely anyone who has been on a plane with me for more than one hour may not entirely agree… Sorry Katarina Darling, 24 hours of your life you will never get back).

ANYWAYS onto more important things, like donuts & fashion… Yesterday Tatiana & I snapped these happy photographs at ShortStop Donuts & Café in the CBD. Due to SD card dilemmas I was unable to take any photographs of the actual donuts we ate/coffee we drank, but luckily I snapped a quick little instagram pic with my trusty outdated iPhone which you can see HERE in case you are interested! And just for the record, I would definitely recommend trying the macadamia & orange blossom cream filled donut, totally delicious & creamy and kind of everything one could possibly want from a donut. 

WE ARE descending so… TOODLES hope you enjoy these photos! As for my next blog post, I will be #NOOSABOUND!!

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 9.33.16 pm

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