Beach Bum

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 I am not sure whether it is the warm weather, the clear blue sky, or the fact that I’ve had way too many coconuts for a five-day period (…but how many is too many… really?) Either way, I’ve fallen into such a deep love affair with this beautiful beach, I can’t imagine ever feeling comfortable in non-made-for-water-clothes ever again… When I’m not beaching, I’m brunching, so much so that I feel the locals have somewhat accepted me as one of their own… Likely I’ll just have to stay here for a few more weeks*.

ANYWAYS, here was my #OOTD, mix-matched bikinis with far too much visible booty, because well, it’s Monday tomorrow (?) and… so here is my booty? I don’t know. Either way, I hope these crystal clear blue skies evoke all the warm, fuzzy emotions they should and more. 

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 9.33.16 pm

* Years…

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  1. I recently fell in love with surfing and became a full-fledged beach person, therefore I fancy this post of yours. So much so that I can’t decide which is more beautiful, the beach you stand on or yourself in that bikini ootd. I shall ponder on that a while longer. Anyway, enjoy the rest of your day!

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