Early Bird

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…And as if it was only yesterday (…or seven days to be exact), I am back flying through the white fluffy clouds, thousands of feet above the beautiful ocean I spent my entire week getting lost in… As I fly back to the concrete jungle I call home, I am left with some of the fondest, most magical memories from my little beach getaway, from laughing with (…really just at) my family at all the ridiculous things they do, to waking up every single morning at 6am (something I would usually NEVER EVER dream of doing…) to watch the sunrise, drink coffee and eat chocolate croissants at my morning favourite, serendipitously called ‘Wonderland’ and lastly sipping coconuts by the beach until the sun falls completely into the water and all I am left with is bronzed (often burnt) skin, messy damp hair and sand in places where there should never be sand…

As sad as I am to return to the responsibilities and commitments of the world, fashion, food, coffee and the knowledge of another trip hopefully on the horizon makes it all worthwhile. Speaking of fashion, this little monochromatic outfit comes from my recent collaboration with NightBirds. It was kind of just perfect for throwing over my bikinis and then come dinnertime, minus the bikini, add some jewels, throw on a statement lippy – ta da!

ANYWAYS stay tuned for a “where to eat, what to do in Noosa” post coming soon… aka TOMORROW!

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