Visual Guide to Noosa Life

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Here is somewhat of a delayed photo-guide of Noosa-life… I was supposed to post this a couple of days ago but since being back in the real world I’ve been bombarded with nothing but work commitments, compulsory shopping excursions & fashion events (… or really just eventwatch this space…). And so a few days late, but none-the-less entertaining, here is a little run down of what you should do, eat, ride (yes ride…) and look at whilst visiting Noosa (…quite possibly the best holiday destination in Australia… just saying).


Berardos Bistro on the Beach:

Think food so colourful and vibrant that taking photos will no way begin to justify the beauty of what you are about to eat (…but you’ll Instagram it anyway…) with a view of the crystal blue sky, creamy clean sand & gushing waves quite literally on your [breakfast] doorstep. Yep. The brunch game here is indeed very strong.

jessicaalizzi  Berardo's by the beachjessicaalizzi  berardos 1jessicaalizzi Seasons view

Bistro C:

I experienced zero shame/embarrassment when taking these foody-dinner-flics, primarily because I knew the deliciously fabulous photographs would speak for themselves. Pure gourmet goodness, with a solid amount of babing-beachy-vibes. I recommend the entire menu and also frequenting Bistro C at least once a day (primarily for cocktail hour/s from 3pm-5pm… oh those Strawberry Pina Coladas’I really just cannot even)

jessicaalizzi  Bistro Cjessicaalizzi bistro C 1jessicaalizzi  brunch bistro Cjessicaalizzi bistro c 2


Party in the front (beach-bar that serves club sandwiches, cocktails and lots of beer), AND Business in the back (sit down formal dining restaurant where they will shamelessly charge you $5 per head for tap water). Either way, both equally recommended for palatable purposes, if your funds allow. Perhaps a conveniently placed birthday during your stay may justify a visit.

jessicaalizzi sheraton 1jessicaalizzi  bdayjessicaalizzi  cheese platejessicaalizzi steak

10 Hastings Street:

So. Self. Explanatory – deliciously photogenic breakfast spreads with an equally appealing interior/décor. Do all your senses a serious favour and spend a morning getting lost in the fruity platters and prettiness that is 10 Hastings Street.

jessicaalizzi 10 hastings stjessicaalizzi zoe designs


Ferri Ride ($25 per person) 

Make friends (or enemies… animals hate me) with Pelicans and dream away the day as you sail through the beautiful waters from Noosa Heads to Noosa Marina. Stop along the way for food and fun times and don’t hesitate to act like the biggest tourist in Noosa by taking photos of literally everything and anything… If you’re quite clearly from Australia and starting to feel a tad awkward maybe try putting on a fake British accent, I feel that always works for me.

jessicaalizzi pierjessicaalizzi ferrijessicaalizzi pier 2pelican friends PLACE TO STAY

The Sebel

Although the wifi-situation is somewhat questionable (aka verging on non-existent unless you’re willing to pay an arm, and a leg and perhaps several other necessary limbs), the location is undeniably the best in town. The poolside vibes are so good some days my overly-relaxed-self didn’t make it to the beach ‘til late in the afternoon & the balcony views? Well they are flawless.

jessicaalizzi  sebelponytail


ANYWAYS – I hope my mini Noosa-guide was of some entertainment-value/help and in case it wasn’t here are a few more visually appealing holiday photographs that didn’t quite fit into any of the categories… (half joking).

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 9.33.16 pm

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