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Good EVENING everybody! It is crazy how after so many years of roaming the streets of Melbourne, searching for my next extra hot, [not-too-bitter] skinny latte (…+ 1 sugar, for anyone wondering…), I still manage to feel so strongly inspired by the never-ending café-culture that surrounds me. Whether it is the varying interior, the diverse range of palatable options or merely just the interesting entry décor, necessary to make the (too-often) long-line worth standing in… EXAMPLE – pots & plants arrangement displayed on the sidewalk of Manchester Press, which provided me with nothing but inspiration for the kind of plant situation I plan to have situated on the balcony of my dream apartment…(one day reality apartment?)

ANYWAYS I wore this brunch-time get-up today, with (before-fame) Coco Chanel at the back of my mind. After watching Coco Avent Chanel the other night, her boyish, relaxed, cool-girl vibes sort of rubbed off onto today’s outfit, and somewhat inspired the vintage neck scarf. Unlikely she would have been caught dead in a distressed, oversized denim jacket, but my bag is Chanel so that totally counts for something right ladies? 


Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 9.33.16 pm

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  1. This is amazing Jessica! Yesterday I posted about those scarves and ways to wear it! It´s one great outfit, specially that maxi shirt with the vintage scarf! Always love your pictures 🙂

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