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GOOD AFTERNOON everyone! This weekend’s hot-then-cold-then-humid-then-lightening weather situation called for versatile outfit choices and what’s more versatile than double-shirting/pin-stripping + hat-ing (?) – my thoughts exactly… As someone who quite literally has far more shirts than sense (I actually have a separate clothing stand in one corner of my room dedicated entirely to my shirt-addiction), I truly am under the impression that shirts are by far the most versatile, necessary pieces one should invest in when attempting to create THE PERFECT WARDROBE. They instantly polish an outfit, they create structure and professionalism (where necessary), but most importantly – they are just really bloody COOL.

You can only imagine my excitement when I first spotted this shirt by Hawes & Curtis. Between the white rounded collar, the blue & white checked effect, and the fitted, flattering structure, I knew this would not only be an investment in my wardrobe, but also in my life. I kind of love nothing more than wearing semi-professional shirts in a super relaxed-chic way, and so I created this feel by adding denim, flats & a fedora.

ANYWAYS I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Let me know in the comments below if you like this look or not!

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 9.33.16 pm

PS: I chucked in a few images from my weekend’s brunch-time outing @ The Bakers Wife in Camberwell. Would recommend: ordering one of everything.

PPS: Clearly this place totally gets me – cue Breakfast Always’

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