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I have quite literally spent the last decade shamelessly dying my hair every single colour known to man/hairdresser… From black right through to blonde* and then back again a few times, at one point I got so desperate for new hair colours I left the ‘conventional-hair-colour-spectrum’ completely and tried my luck with deep-purple/violet (first at age 12, and then again at 20… apparently once wasn’t enough). I’m not really sure what succumbs me each time to make such drastic hair decisions, whether it’s that I am just bored with my look every few months and need an excuse to change it up or whether it’s the Gemini in me, all those personalities… maybe they all need their own hair colour (?). Either way, every few months, like clockwork, I will have an epiphany… I simply cannot live another minute on this earth with this atrocious hair colour/hairstyle… and so, I change it.

From hair past my behind, to hair that doesn’t even tie into a ponytail, to fully embracing my naturally ridiculous curls, to straightening my hair so much it hates me more than I hate it – the relationship I have with my hair is a never ending battle, and well, eventually I plan to win… It may just take a few more disasters/triumphs… And SO today I went back to my roots (pun, well and truly, intended) and dyed my hair its natural colour… mousey brown, with a caramel/gold reflection – so far, so good, but, it has only been five hours.

ANYWAYS Happy HUMP day EVERYONE! Tell me all about your hair colour/style dilemmas below! Would love to hear about them!

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 9.33.16 pm* MISTAKE, my hair and emotional stability are both still recovering.

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  1. Once, I dyed my hair platinum blond. Mind you, I’m a Hispanic man, in my 30s at the time. I’d made a bet with my girls soccer team that had scored only one goal the season before I became their coach.

    If any girl scored three in a game, coach would go blond.

    I did it myself with, I think, 30 volume bleach and dye. 45 minutes of dye in hair, shower cap on, sitting in the sun. It’s a wonder it didn’t fall out!

    It took weeks for that orange mess to grow out. I was a freak. And when it was almost grown out, and just tips, guys seemed to flirt with me.

    I’m sorry for such a long comment! Today, I full embrace my pepper hair with a little salt.

  2. Your new colour looks fantastic. I have ridiculously curly hair too but its too humid to straighten it here in Darwin but I am terrible and managing curly hair such a dilemna!

    • Oh I feel for you! I can’t even imagine how difficult it is too look after in such humid weather! I struggle even in Melbourne, and it’s not even that warm here! Haha. Stick in there! I bet your curls are beautiful! 🙂 <3 x

  3. I Jess I love your hair: It looks super!
    I also feel the same way about my hair and on top of that, add that I’ve a sort of nature/health fixation. I’d love to go without it but hate my some white bits showing!
    I’ve been looking for a non toxic dye everywhere… and found that the only way to dye my hair in a healthy way is henna (+indigo for my color) …But it takes half a day to do this!

  4. I totally understand your love of hair colour changing. Maybe someone will come up with a hair dye changes colour with your mood like a mood ring (am I the only one who remembers those?). I think you have to try each colour twice to see what its like when you’re an adult too. That being said I don’t think I’m going to dye my fringe bright pink any time soon.

    Nice post x

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