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Dressing with my mood is something I have done for as long as I can remember. A type of dressing, where weather, location or even common etiquette are all completely irrelevant, and all that is left is my raw need to wear what I wan-na wear at this exact moment. The. End. It is actually somewhat of a rebellious sense of fashion, where I see no geographical limits and am convinced the weather, simply – does not apply to me.

Some days all I do is drape long, baggy pieces of clothing in monochromatic tones over myself and claim to be the missing Olsen sister, whereas other days, I am all about those structured, lux pieces, which accent all the features that make women beautiful. Yesterday just so happened to be one of those days. There is simply nothing more elegant – more luxurious, than a silky, frilled-up shirt. Particularly in navy blue. It is the ultimate lux item. And I was entirely all about it. Thank you again Hawes & Curtis for fulfilling all my casual, right through to dressy shirt-needs. I will never stop purchasing your flawless pieces.

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NOTE: other moody-dress days include the I-only-layer-5-pieces-of-denim-nothing-less (because I was made in the 90s, duh), as well as the old; I-only-wear-beige/baby-pink & cream. I blame it on my star sign, and my stars. There are however some pieces that are, and will always be me, all day, errryyday, regardless of my mood: black-heeled booties, fine gold pieces, 70s inspired sunglasses and well OF COURSE – a fabulously collared shirt (just to name a few…).

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