Mom Jeans Of The Literal Kind

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SO I really just cannot even with the fact that not only is it already March (?!?!) BUT my fourth year of University starts in T-minus two days and I could not be less physically/emotionally/spiritually but mainly just psychologically prepared for this years academic expectations… But before I begin attempting to navigate my way around textbooks heavier than me, I plan to enjoy my last few days of freedom in the only way I know how – frolicking around the Melbourne coffee scene without a problem/textbook/academic-expectation in sight! AND so yesterday I did just that… The fact that I got to wear my new white-wash/denim-fringed Camixa Shirt and literal mom-jeans (as in, they are quite literally my mums jeans) was simply just a bonus. As much as I am all about things that are different/unique/individual/usually-vintage – every now and then, you just need to return to them basics – this shirt sort of fits both of those categories. It is the simplicity of a clean white shirt, but the denim fringe detail + crinkled material kind of just makes it amazing, so yet again I have fallen in love with a shirt. It is the best kind of love if you ask me.

ANYWAYS, I best be off. Coffees to drink, cafes to photograph and clothes to fall in love with, and beautiful people to visit. HAPPY WEEKEND everyone!

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11 thoughts on “Mom Jeans Of The Literal Kind

    1. Thank you so much! Have you tried high-waisted jeans? I find them much more flattering. This way you could tuck something into them to show off your waist, or you could wear something over it, and it will sit nicely underneath. 🙂 If you want to discuss different ways of styling outfits with jeans, let me know I would love to talk to you about it further <3 x

  1. Jessica, nice jeans! I like it how you rolled them up to show off the booties and ankles.
    I also love mom’s jeans, I have like 3 or 4 of them! For me , they all look different, but I am sure my friends are not able to distinguish between them 🙂 I pair them with cropped tops and sweaters.

    and yes, good luck on classes!

    1. Thank you so much! OH I LOVE THAT LOOK! Mom jeans with cropped tops is such a gorgeous look! That sounds amazing. And thank you very much, I need all the luck I can get haha.

      PS. Great Blog! <3 x

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