Abu Dhabi Do!

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After flying more than half way to Europe, seated next to the cutest, crying devil baby, which made me question my entire 10-year life plan (…babies – maybe they are not for me?), having eaten minimal plane food (cheese and crackers don’t count) and having experienced minimal plane sleep (honestly felt like I had more limbs than the average person on that 14 hour flight…), it was safe to say – I was MORE than ready to land in the Arabian desert that is ABU DHABI. Unfortunately my entrance was slightly less graceful than the Sex and the City Girls. Having entered into one of their monthly sand storms, I was covered from the toes up in sand, fatigued and over-heated in clothes, but it didn’t take long to transform my sleepy self into the glamorous, high-maintenance traveller I know I am. A good 14-hour sleep, my beloved straightener and multiple meals at the breakfast buffet had me feeling good as new. I was ready to take on this incredibly city.

Our first stop was to the World Trade Centre Abu Dhabi Souk Markets. They were absolutely everything we had hoped for and more. From hanging ceiling lanterns made of colourful ceramic and beads, to shops and shops of flawless handmade statement jewels and trinkets, fulfilling all my Arabian fashion dreams. I was in heaven. We also visited the Marina Mall and surrounding beach areas, where I could not stop taking photos of the blue water! How can water even be this blue?! These photos really do not do it justice.

With a million and one more adventures to come over the rest of the week, I will bid farewell for now (… truth: the buffet breakfast just started and mama needs her coffee).

STAY TUNED for the rest of my Arabian adventures! Can’t wait to share more of my travel adventures with you!

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PS: Massive Thank you to Destinations Docklands! If Jacob and I hadn’t created this ‘Summer in Docklands’ video less than 4 months ago and entered their competition, we wouldn’t be here now!!

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