Magical Self-Induced Mirage

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As I write this post, pool bound with not a worry, textbook or scheduled commitment in sight, I can’t help but continue to reflect on the beauty that was the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. Whether it was the ridiculously hot climate or the possibility of experiencing some kind of magical self-induced mirage, either way, I was in total awe not only of its physical beauty, but the calming effect it was having on its observers. With almost every woman in black and every man in white, the beauty of the building was free from human distractions, and spoke entirely for itself. With the Arabian sun shining strong onto the Mosque, reflections bounced around, glistening and sparkling like nothing I had ever seen before. No photograph, well-constructed sentence or video could ever entirely explain the magic, tranquility or serenity, I, and I am sure many others have experienced at The Grand Mosque, this is simply something you MUST see with your own eyes. AND so please let the following images be nothing more than a visual reminder of a place you must one day visit, if ever given the opportunity.

On somewhat less of a spiritual note, my outfit of the day was this stunning maxi-boho inspired dress from Living Doll. I paired it with a khaki scarf; navy Everything’s A’OK espadrilles and a silver coin necklace I got from the Souk Markets to further embrace the Arabian vibe. To go inside The Mosque however, I was provided with the black robe to wear over, which if you ask me was totally Hogwarts-chicbut hey, I’m not complaining.

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 9.33.16 pm

PS: Today is Easter in Australia, and although there is not an Easter egg in sight in Abu Dhabi, HAPPY EASTER everyone down under!

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  1. Oh my the place is magical! I love how the mosque glistens under the sun, and the intricate details of the columns, walls, and ceilings, all I can say really is wow. Just wow!

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