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Tonight’s blog post features a little trip down memory lane… and a somewhat serendipitous café choice…

A somewhat short seven months ago I featured one of my very first ever collaborations here on Jessica & Love. The post featured the best Kimono label in Australia, Bijou the Label. After taking a few magical sun-kissed shots featuring this humble Melbourne-based brand, I decided to rest my Kimono-draped body at The Hardware Société for an afternoon croissant and strong-skinny. Having not actually been back to The Hardware Société since then, (a café I so regularly refer to as my ‘favourite in Melbourne’), it was somewhat fate that for some unknown reason blogger-babe Carissa and I ended up back there again today, only minutes after creating content for my second collaboration with Bijou (if you don’t believe me – check my INSTAGRAM! – #BrunchInspo #Fate).

With days of poor, dreary Melbourne weather, icy winds making it almost impossible to step out*, today, just like magic, the clouds cleared, the sun glistened and the universe made it possible for us to recreate the imagery shot all those months ago. Told you, magic.

So a few things have changed since THIS POST 7 odd months ago; my hair is longer, my style seems different and in case you were wondering whether I still enjoy drinking overpriced red vino on the weekends? The answer is yes. But as for pretending it is summer, I would much prefer to entirely embrace Bijou’s new A/W collection, including their cozy-winter-inspired Kimono’s & knits.

Photography taken by Carissa Smart of Design by AiKonik

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 9.33.16 pm

* Likely that this is an overly dramatised version of the truth… I just really hate the cold, OK?!

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  1. OMG Jess you look AH-Mazing! in every pic! Seriously you nailed it in every pic! That sunlight was working for us today! Perfect alley we found today (only in Melbourne!). Thanks for the awesome brunch and long chats today! We could seriously talk each others heads off! Kimono looks fab by the way!!! It loves the sun too! 🙂 xxx

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