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I’m not really what you would call a ‘ health and fitness type, in fact, to be entirely honest – the last time I did any sort of physical exercise (shopping excluded), I had more pimples than you could count, long, frizzy hair and was sporting (#puns) non other than a pair of Target pink & white volleys to go with my ever-so-chic P.E class attire… There was also that stint a couple of year’s back where I worked as a retail assistant at Nike. I was totally convinced that my sharp new get-up would get me training my butt off in no time, but for some reason the old exercising-life has just never really been for me. All the sweating, the early mornings, the ridiculously overpriced gym-fees – I just cannot get around it!

HOWEVER, something I have always done to somewhat make up for my lack of fitness has been to eat relatively healthy. I’m not talking raw-vegan, eats a celery stick for lunch and a bowl of kale for dinner, but you know, just maintaining a balanced life, listening to the old mind, body & soul, making sure I get my daily intake of greens, fruits, protein and all that jazz (…coffee and chocolate for energy, duh), SO when Karmic Cold Pressed Juices contacted me to try out their two-day juice cleanse, I was pretty keen to give it a whirl! All up, the juice cleanse was a fantastic experience. I didn’t only drink juice for two days, because I’m Italian, and love good food far too much, but I did eat smaller portions and allow the juices to fill me up in between meals. The thing that I loved most about the juice cleanse was that I felt like I was getting my daily intake of vegetables, in a much less obvious way, and plus the almond-chai-latte juice kind of tasted amazing!

ANYWAYS! I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend! Let me know below if you have ever tried your own juice cleanse or if you ever would!?

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PS: Karmic Cold Pressed Juices provides you with 14 juices, aka 14 pretty glass bottles to create flower arrangements in your room with…! See below…

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