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 I’ve spoken on numerous occasions here at my humble little digital space about how my style changes and evolves depending on my mood, the weather and/or my current inspirations (…mainly just my mood though…). Mood dressing is something I have done for as long as I can remember, and although every look or outfit I wear always seems to have that Jessica & Love feel to it – it still somehow manages to be relatively (but not always) different.

There are however some style techniques, which I literally live by, they are engrained so deeply into the stylish side of my brain, I couldn’t image a life without them. To name a few, double shirting, double denim, all the denim really, just denim everything, I LOVE DENIMmoving along – layering & draping black using different textures to create difference, statement lipstick, either jeans so skinny I can barely sit down/eat/live or washed out, ripped, vintage-mom/boyfriend-cut jeans (anything in between these two extremes, is just not for me), nothing too girly, but everything with lace, and nothing too short, unless everything on top is loose.

As for shoes? Well, I am slightly less versatile… There are only really two kinds of shoes that I will wear on a daily basis, shoes that will take me from work to class to dinner to drinks –
Exhibit a; black pointy-toe, heeled booties, which are slightly too high for the day, but I wear anyways because they make me walk with purpose
Exhibit b; flat, stylish, boy-inspired brogues, perfect for every occasion and mix well with my unintentional I-am-a-pants-girl mantra. My new Sambag Billie Croc Embossed Chocolate Leather Brogues just so happen to fit into the latter shoe category. And I couldn’t be happier! I am particularly obsessed with the colour, texture and fit of these shoes, and thus they are the perfect addition to my Autumn wardrobe.

What shoes and/or pieces are you loving this Autumn?! Let me know below!

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