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HAPPY ALMOST FRIDAY Everyone! With the weekend looming, and having spent the entire week studying/working/reading/lecture-ing/coffee-ing/not-sleeping and content creating, it is always good to unwind over the weekend. Everyone’s definition of unwinding is different; mine just so happens to be cocktails with babes. If you are much the same, then it is your lucky day! As I have taken the guesswork out of where to go for reasonably priced cocktails, good atmosphere and a killer location in Melbourne! BOND MELBOURNEnewly redone cocktail bar/restaurant/club/event-place is simply amazing! I tried and tested what were probably a few too many cocktails, but hey – someone had to do the hard work! My favourites were the Espresso Milk Bottle, oh and the Blood Orange Cap, oh and the rest? Might I just suggest you try one of each?!

ANYWAYS – big thank you to the bloody babe-ing babes at Bond for their incredibly hospitality and kindness. We had such a wonderful night, and I intend to visit BOND again very, very soon!

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