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HELLO! Welcome back! It has been a while (8 days to be exact), since my last post! A few things have changed since then, well I finished my exams for one, and well, I am now officially 22 years old (…but more on this later). Meanwhile, the sunshine may be glistening here in Melbourne, creating insta-worthy backdrop reflections and pretty photographic moments, but unfortunately – it is anything BUT warm. In fact, the last time I felt this cold; I was shivering on the side of road, draped in fur and various other materials, trying to hail a cab outside the meatpacking district in Copenhagen, Denmark. Yep. THAT COLD.

And so, with this unfortunate, but necessary need to layer up and keep warm this winter, I’ve been trying to repurpose summer clothes. Half because, well I prefer Summer clothes (I know – I am like the only blogger in the history of bloggers to say this – what even?); and half because well, there are only so many ways one can wear a winter coat, and I feel like I have already done them all, ten times over. So repurposing of summer wardrobe was entirely necessary. I recently wore this summer all-white tennis-inspired pinafore by Pinnacle Runway on a particularly icy day by just adding two layers of tights, a singlet, turtleneck, a black blazer and a vintage red neck scarf for a point of difference. And yes, in case you are wondering, there was also a thick winter coat handy – it just didn’t make the cut for the photographs.

ANYWAYS! In an attempt to make up for my unplanned hiatus, I have another post coming tomorrow! Hint Hint – I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22!

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