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GOOD EVENING everyone! Tonight I wanted to share with you a variety of things which have been somewhat tickling my fancy as of late. And so without further ado…


AKA deliciously delightful tea bags infused with various flavours only a true dessert-aholic would appreciate… I’m talking mint choc, caramel oolong and more… And, well, seeing as I live in a magical, little world where all teas, coffees, and various other hot beverages couldn’t possibly be bad for you, I can’t remember the last time my hot water came without a ‘treat’…

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When it comes to nail polish, I am kind of fussy (…read: when it comes to general life/existence, I am kind of incredibly fussy). If a nail polish chips within a couple of days of application, it will most likely find its way into the back of my bathroom cupboard or, more likely – the bin (…nobody got time for that). If the colour is too dramatic, it will clash with too many outfits, but if the colour is too boring, why waste time painting your nails? Told you. Fussy. I’ve not-so-recently, in fact – for quite some time now, been entirely obsessed with Kester Black nail polish. With minimal nail-chipping-situations and a variety of shades on offer for even the most difficult of colour-clashing-wardrobe-fighting moments; their polishes are totally for me. As for the funky looking Kester Black body soap; it is Double Espresso scented and smells delicious.

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Every man and his dog (…or, more literally – girl and her blog?) have currently gone crazy for Christian Paul marble faced watches via Instagram. To say that the brand has ‘taken off’ would be a total understatement. If All-Marble-Everything wasn’t a thing before, then it is now. I mean, it matches with everything, looks ridiculously chic and is waterproof – so like, yeah I get it and yeah, it totally made the list of things I currently love.

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… Because I have absolutely zero shame in any and/or all social-café-situations. It is unclear whether this recent switch from latte to iced-latte has anything to do with the fact that 99% of people I follow on Instagram are currently enjoying summertime-sunshine, whilst sipping their iced-whatevers, or perhaps I am just totally insane. Either way – someone, somewhere, a long time ago told me that when you are cold you should drink cold drinks as it does something which is of some relevance to warming you up – so I guess I’ve sort of just ran with that theory ever since. Either way, they are delicious and I am not stopping anytime soon.

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This one is sort of self-explanatory… I mean, do you see those chocolate, caramel, honeycomb, banana, Nutella, sprinkled with sugar, waffles?! Plus the interior, coffee, salted caramel; chocolate brownie and incredibly sweet chef weren’t bad either. If you’re ever in Melbourne, hungry, and craving some sweet café vibes in the heart of Glen Iris; ensure Golden Child is your first and only stop!

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    • Thanks so much girl! And ME TOO! It drives me absolutely crazy! This one has lasted for about 6 days absolutely perfect, no chipping at all so far, so I am loving it 🙂

  1. I cannot keep polish on my nails, so I am ecstatic to hear about this polish. I have been searching for a watch since Christmas, and have apparently been out of the loop until now. Shopping, here I come 😉 Thank you, Jessica

  2. Amazing post.! Thanks for sharing especially about the tea and nail polish 🙂 As for iced lattes – I’ve been drinking those all year long even during cold Chicago winters. I too read somewhere that when it’s cold you should drink something cold. And when it’s hot…drink something hot. It regulates your internal temperature to the external world. Don’t know if it’s true, but it sure tastes good 🙂

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