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…Speaking of flawless designer vintage pieces that one simply-cannot-live-without, I am still so all about this Gucci bag and collection of vintage designer scarves from Hawkeye Vintage. Give or take a new little obsession to add to the mix; also known as Escada checkered blazer perfection. Checkmate Hawkeye Vintage, C-h-e-c-k-m-a-t-e.

As someone who has always been about the incorporation of vintage chic into each & every outfit (…not a fashion choice, but a fashion necessity) the upcoming Melbourne A La Mode event [23rd – 25th JULY aka like 4 days away!] is so totally for me… If it is so totally for you too, check out all the details HERE!!! Hawkeye Vintage will be joined by Lady Petrova, Dainty & Bold, The Eternal Headonist, Micky In The Van and T Serafina at The George Ballroom in St Kilda, Melbourne. 

In other news, ‘Cluelessis currently celebrating their 20th birthday (…“As If”…) and I think I should probably celebrate with them, by – you know, re-watching Clueless for the 254,521,348th time in my 22 years on this planet. Plus, if there is one girl who knows her Gucci from her Chanel, it’s Cher


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