Denim All Days, Always

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It is no surprise to most that when it comes to denim, I am an all or nothing all kind of girl, aka – I will literally drape myself in all denim, all the time – regardless of miscellaneous (read: unnecessary) factors such as dress codes and/or weather conditions. To me, denim is simply everything. And when it comes high-wasted, ripped, distressed and dyed to perfection – well, that’s when you know you found yourself a winner (cheers, Dricoper Denim, you babes totally know how to denim)

ANYWAYS – This is an outfit I have been wearing most days this week, with the exception of a few unnecessarily fancy events (apparently ‘cocktail attire’ and all-denim-everything are not the same thing). Oh and give or take a chunky coat or two, given that Melbourne is currently a few degrees away from snowing, or something of the sort… PLUS – today is Jeans for Genes Day so I figured this post was totally fitting.

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PS: Dricoper are casually donating $2 from every sale and offering customers 15% off their purchases for the entire month of August, if you use the code ‘jeansforgenes’ simply because they are a bunch of amazing people! So feel free to get around a good cause!

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