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I recently attended a breakfast soiree at Highpoint Shopping Centre to celebrate the opening of their brand new Level One casual dining precinct. With the anticipation of an Asian breakfast fiesta and the darling presence of my beautiful blogger/personal-photographer/babing-friend Carissa, I ventured out to Highpoint, and by ventured – I really do mean roadtrip-ed – as well, it took me over an hour. My thoughts? So. Totally. Worth. It. The food, oh the food. The dumplings, the ramen, the fried chicken, the colourful chopsticks way too cute to eat with – what a deliciously amazing morning. Plus pretty little red lanterns hanging from above, sweet flower table arrangements and a never ending supply of green tea didn’t hurt either.

ANYWAYS – time to talk fashion: I went with a simplistic, I-totally-have-somewhere-very-important-to-be-after-this look for the day, wearing ripped skinny jeans from Dricoper Denim and a vintage oversized olive green, slim-line blazer (courtesy of the most fashionable person I know – mama dearest). I added a tailored white shirt because; monochrome, and a chunky oversized bag to fit all of my not-really-but-totally-really-need-them necessities aka camera, wallet, keys, scarf, the kitchen sink etcetera etcetera. Oh and as for the conveniently located grey scale, insta-worthy location? Well I didn’t drive one hour for nothing. Only kidding. I think. Either way, Highpoint is somewhat known for its insta-ready car park and as such, Carissa and I couldn’t help but totally take advantage of the situation. The shadow play and glowing sun was totally unplanned though. Thanks Melbz.

Well, if you are ever in the area – or even if you’re not, I suggest you take a little day trip out to Highpoint! If the opening of some amazing Asian restaurants isn’t enough to entice you, they totally have a Zara Home. YES PEOPLE. ZARA HOME! I died and went to decor heaven. The end.

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