Tea Drinking Behaviour

jessicaalizzi 2 As a self proclaimed (…and proud) Melbourne coffee-snob, I don’t usually talk much about my tea drinking habits, so much so, that this somewhat excessive tea-drinking behaviour is something I only really share with myself and those closest to me. This is mainly because I would never go out to a café and order a tea – a café does not know how I like my teabag to be dunked, a café does not understand the importance of a 2-5 minute infuse, but more than anything, a café does not have a deliciously excessive collection of Madame Flavour Tea Treats & French Adventures on offer, and as such, all my closet tea drinking ways are confined to the four walls I call home (a cozy little space also known as my bedroom). PLUS Madame Flavour recently collaborated with Smiling Mind, and now there is this funky little app you can use to nourish your mind, body and soul whilst your tea is infusing. I am totally all about this, as well – tea time is me time. Am I right people?!

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 9.33.16 pm

PS: Madame Flavour French Adventures are so fabulously Parisian-chic-inspired, every time I sip my tea, I’m totally teleported to Café de Florejust sayin’

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  1. Each of your photos is a work of art. “Summer in Provence”, makes me want to catch the next plane and see those fields of lavender again. Always a treat to visit your blog. Best wishes.

    • thanks so much Lovely Jess! glad it was helpful ! 🙂 yes I have a bit of an alarming collection of tea too! so much so there is a cupboard known as the tea cupboard in my house strictly for my tea collection haha 🙂 happy Tuesday xx

  2. I love a cup of tea! It’s liquid comfort for me. I’m not sure what I have more of: teacups or pretty boxes of loose leaf tea. I can’t stop collecting both of them!

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