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AND WE ARE OFF! With the opening on Melbourne Spring Fashion Week (MSFW) on 28th August, located in, non-other, than Melbourne’s iconic Lt. Bourke Street. Between the hustle and bustle of David Jones on one side contrasting the sparkly storefronts of the Emporium Melbourne on the other, the perfectly flawless fashion coming down the Melbourne-laneway-runway (only in Melbourne… am I right people?) was almost just a bonus. With Dion Lee’s pop-of emerald green gracefully moving down the runway, and White Suede showing us How To Do dressy-but-casual-but-chic, like it’s nobodies business, the show was so, totally, for me.

ON THE EVENING, I opted for a chic, sharp, not-too-tailored black suit look, with a sweet vintage tie-inspired neckpiece, new Olga Berg clutch, and an olive-green fitted coat to drape. With another 293173423 fabulous fashion events over the next 5 days, feel free to get around my SNAPCHAT (JESSICALIZZI) for REAL-TIME FASHION aka THE ENTIRE RUNWAY SHOW/EVENT available for your viewing pleasures, INSTAGRAM (@JESSALIZZI) for a slightly more curated version of the evenings, followed by insights into what I am wearing, and what I am loving from the runway, JESSICA & LOVE (aka, your current digital location at this exact moment) for all necessary details and links to my outfits & thoughts of the evening that was, and TWITTER (@JESSALIZZI), if for some unknown reason you do not have access INSTAGRAM/SNAPCHAT/JESSICA&LOVE or because you want to know my ridiculously unnecessary thoughts/rating of movies that I watch, as well, that is basically all I tweet (birdman 5.7/10 – just sayin’).

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