Fathers Day Situation


 With Fathers Day just around the corner, I thought it best that I team up with Braun Büffel to give you the low-down, the 411, the-insider-goss… or something like that, on what exactly to buy your papabear, daddy-yo, the-old-man or as we like to call my dad; ‘Fredos’ and/or ‘Freddy’.

So, what to buy the man who has singlehandedly given up hours of his life to wait for you in the car whilst you attend meetings/school-functions/events and/or something-to-do-with-sport (please note, this last one is not relevant to me, I have never done ‘sport’), the man who, both metaphorically and physically, picks you up when you are down, and wholeheartedly supports you in everything you do… Well, that man sounds pretty amazing, so you should probably buy him a pretty amazing gift to go with all this amazingness… Here is what I suggest:

  • A trendy new Braun Büffel  black or brown wallet; to remind him, he’s totally still got it
  • A funky little key holder from Braun Büffel, because 99% of the time he cannot find his keys/phone/glasses/brain, so perhaps a new key holder may help with that situation…?
  • A chic black belt from Braun Büffel, to remind him that the 2 extra kilos he put on this month from all the Father’s Day celebrations really do not matter in the slightest
  • Some kind of alcoholic situation, because he is still recovering from the naughty things you got up to when you were a teenager (… this one is also not relevant to me…)
  • A nice, long HUG, to remind him that you love him and quite frankly, wouldn’t know what to do without him!

And if all that fails, may I suggest you still head into Braun Buffel to check out their ridiculously elegant/sophisticated/flawless collection of women’s bags… They are kind of everything.  Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 9.33.16 pm

PS: If you want to purchase any of these amazing pieces or any other high quality leather goods, feel free to use the code JESS15 for 15% off your purchase in-store and online at www.braunbuffel.com.au (this Fathers Day deal ends 6 September 2015).

 PPS: I totally went with the black wallet…Dad don’t read this, it is supposed to be a secret!


6 thoughts on “Fathers Day Situation

  1. Jessica, the best gift hands down is your time. Go see him and take him out for lunch, dinner, coffee, hike, walk in the park, etc. Courtesy of this old Dad

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