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For close to a decade now I have been struggling with the reality that is the crazy, ridiculously curly frizz that lives on top of my head (… known to some, as my hair). Some time in my pre-teen years I discovered the world of GHD (fun fact #1: acronym for Good Hair Day), and well, my ‘hair’ and I, haven’t really looked back since. So much so, that on an alarming regular basis, people who think they know me through and through don’t even know the truth about my ‘hair’. With a never-ending desire to create the perfect beach-wave/I-woke-up-like-this/al-natural/effortless/careless/maybe-she’s-born-with-it, hair situation it became apparent very early on that no excessive amount of ‘beach spray’ or ‘texture hair gel’ was going to give me my desired look. My GHD and I have been in a long-term, committed relationship ever since.

When given the opportunity to collaborate with RY.COM.AU (fun fact #2: acronym for Recreate Yourself) featuring their GHD Straightener Platinum Black Stylerwell, I could barely contain my excitement. Plus, I am like always looking for any excuse to complain about discuss my daily hair situation… SO I created a cheeky little HOW TO video where I sort of run through how I create said carefree, effortless wavy hair situation on the daily.

ANYWAYS – watch the video! And PLEASE let me know what you think! This is the first video I’ve ever created like this, and totally loved making it! So LET ME KNOW YOUR THOUGHTS and if you liked it, I’LL TOTALLY CREATE MORE!

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3 thoughts on “HOW TO Wavy Hair

  1. Jessica, this is quite the chore. You look fabulous when done, but you look that way before you start. But, my opinion matters little. Best wishes, curly or straight. BTG

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