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Well, HELLO! First things first*, apologies for my totally unplanned 10-day hiatus! With an alarming amount of assignments, exams and other academic expectations looming over me, I’ve barely had time to breathe let along blog, but I’m glad to be back – be it, somewhat temporary (current exam situation: t-minus 2.5 weeks). ANYWAYS – moving on to far more important things like elegant fashion necessities and such.

A key fashion tip, and something I’ve sort of always lived by is to never undermine the importance of delicate, simple, timeless jewellery. Jewellery, especially of the fine, delicate nature is best worn, well; it is best worn at all points in time. As a less is more kind of jewellery gal, I like to wear simple, high quality jewellery pieces every single day. I don’t change them all the time but instead I’ll wear them in the shower and let them become worn and used, as I believe this sort of adds a bit of character and personal style to my favourite pieces. There are only a few delicates that would fit in this non-statement, but totally necessary, totally chic jewellery category, and as of recently – these fine silver Michael Hill chains totally made the cut.


Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 9.33.16 pm

* Alarmingly impossible to type ‘first things first’ without following it with ‘…I’m the realist’. Iggy – you have ruined everything.

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