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T30 Full Length Workout Legging by Target T30 Performance Sweat Top by Target / T30 Strap Back T-Shirt by Target   

I’m not really a big gym-junky-sweat-it-out kind of gal, but I do enjoy the occasional green juice/nike-free-run/walk-with-the-family-dog*-on-a-Saturday-morning situation, and well, I like to look fashionable when appearing active, so I usually take a bit of a sportsluxe/activewear kind of approach to my look. Sometimes (depending on the level of my [lack-of] physical exercise) I’ll look a bit more sporty, whereas other times, it’s more sporty-luxe-chic… Aka – probably not appropriate gym wear. Either way, here is how I transition between the two looks using a few of my favourites from Target’s Active Wear collection.


  • Wear colour on top and black down the bottom – this is both slimming and fun at the same time – plus colour makes you want to be active, I’m not sure why – it just does.
  • Fancy running shoes are essential – even if you don’t plan to run
  • Always have a green smoothie on hand – can’t be sporty-looking without one (duh)
  • Fashion pieces which have cool details will be versatile so make smart, versatile fashion choices (like this top from Target)


  • Swap your leggings for a straight leg pant
  • Throw a lightweight trench coat or loose fitted cardigan over your active wear top, especially if your active wear top is as cool as mine!
  • Swap your running shoes for white sneakers. White sneakers are an essential element to sportsluxechic (just sayin’)

OH and watch the video below to watch me jump around like an absolute goose – speaking of which, creating this movie was the most exercise I’ve had all week…**

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 9.33.16 pm

* Sidenote: We do not have a family dog, animals hate me.

** Note to self: create more movies about being active.

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  1. At last I have the chance to get back to you to thank you for being the first person to like my post, on my blog, weeks and weeks ago! So now I have sat here and read some of your older posts and I am enthralled! You are incredibly witty and engaging. Congratulations on a terrific blog! My daughter in law is also a young lawyer , with a love for the quirky,and I am going to recommend she follows you!

    • 🙂 It is my absolute pleasure! Thank you so so much for such a beautiful message! I am so glad you have enjoyed my content! You daughter in law sounds like my kind of girl! 🙂 I hope she enjoys it too. xxx

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