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jessicaalizzi 9As a half Gemini-half-Cancer (whatever that even means…) my personality, and thus sense of style encompasses all sorts of craziness. As someone who dresses almost entirely with their mood of the day/hour (cue Gemini – I often experience multiple moods per day), it’s almost impossible to put into words what exactly IS my ‘personal style’, as, well, it’s always changing, developing, rotating – but there are a few things that are inherently ME and have been for as long as I can remember.

  • I love clean, white spaces/walls/rooms/outfits/photography – with a mind (and mouth…for those who know me well) always moving a million miles an hour, simplicity makes me feel relaxed and de-cluttered (…physically, emotionally, spiritually, etcetera…)


  • I love everything oversized– I always feel the most comfortable in my own skin when my clothes are kind of oversized. My lack of lady lumps don’t really suit tight dresses and figure hugging tops, but I make a few exceptions with skinny denim jeans and the occasional midi-skirt if my mood/the occasion permits. Plus oversized is totally carefree & tres chic.

jessicaalizzi on the side blogjessicaalizzi 7

  • I love/hate all colour – this one just depends on my mood. Some days I love colour and am all about a ridiculously bright outfit situation, but most days I’m all about the [50] shades… grey, white, beige, cream, off-white, black… ya’ feel me?

jessicaalizzi vamff 2

  • I love everything masculine-inspired or, better yet – just clothes from the men’s department – Men’s clothes are the perfect level of oversized, they have great denim throw-ons, and blazers with cool patterns and details.

jessicaalizzi 1jessicaalizzi 9(this denim shirt is my dad’s. It is about 7 sizes too big for me, just the way it should be)

DSC_0008_Fotorjessicaalizzi 8

(Blazer found at TopMan – ‘on high rotation’)

  • I love to layer the unexpected (also known as onioning – described recently here) – layering/onioning allows me to express my personal style (of the day/hour…) whilst still staying super cozy and warm. Plus, I like to play around with textures, colours and styles and re-work my favourite items of clothing again and again

jessicaalizzi  rainjessicaalizzi 1

  • I love shirts – I wear them often, usually in the crisp white, sharp, oversized but still slightly tailored variety. I wear them with ripped denim jeans, short skirts, over the knee boots, under jumpers, over lace – seriously with anything, everything and almost every day

watchjessicaalizzi close up

  • I love relatively natural make-up – something, which I don’t discuss much here on JESSICA & LOVE (mainly because I am hopeless at all things beauty related) is beauty/ make-up etcetera. I wear a winged-eyeliner situation, bronzer and some form of lip colour (usually just nude colour) every single day but the beauty routine stops there. Mainly because I’m not entirely sure what else I should do… but that’s another story.

jessicaalizzi 6jessicaalizzi 5I love lace – black, white, red, anything – I just love lace. Perhaps I like it because it breaks up the oversized, men’s-wear thing, either way, I never get sick of silky, lacy pieces, in any variety. I am SO all about these pieces from Bras n Things at the moment! 

jessicaalizzijessicaalizzi 2DSC_1342_Fotor

  • I love Chuck Taylors/Converses/Cons/All Sneakers – I wear sneakers most days, I find heels really uncomfortable so try to avoid them when I can, and will always opt for a boot or sneaker over a heel

jessicaalizzi 8jessicaalizzi 2JESSICAALIZZI FoA 6

  • I LOVE handbags – some girls like shoes, some girls like bags – well, I love both, but bags win. When I was 14 years old I saved up and didn’t spend my school tuck-shop money for an entire year so I could buy my first ever black, leather Oroton bag. I still have it, still use it and still love it.

jessicaalizzi 1jessicaalizzi 5

  • I love everything in black – *no explanation necessary*

jessalizzi to the sidejessicaalizzi 5jessicaalizzi outift 3JESSALIZZI back of boots

  • I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE DENIM – I didn’t even realise how much I loved denim, until I started JESSICA & LOVE. It is the epitome of carefree cool, and as such, I wear it almost every single day.

denim 3jessicaalizzi 31

SO, if you were able to make sense of any of that – well, you totally get me – lets be best friends? But if you didn’t (I’m not even sure I made sense of it…), I would probably describe my personal style as bold, relatively carefree, sometimes polished, always interesting, elegant, experimental and a little bit, unintentionally undone. But more than anything, something that is constantly changing and developing as I grow and mature.

DSC_1414_Fotorjessicaalizzi outfit detailsDSC_1316_Fotor


Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 9.33.16 pm


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