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With law exams currently looming over me, my entire mind feels like it is jam-packed with unnecessary, but apparently-totally-necessary legal jargon, statute law and a long list of legal cases I plan to shove somewhere in my short-term memory and then forget for eternity after the 21st of this month.

Everyone goes about exam preparation in a different way – some like to stop sleeping, get into their grubbiest clothes and shove an alarming amount of ice-cream down their throat, praying they hopefully swallowed some knowledge amongst all that creamy-sugary-goodness, for me – it’s always been a bit of a different story.

I sort of see SWOTVac/exam preparation, as an opportunity to cleanse myself both physically and mentally; I like to eat super healthy, pamper myself with facial cleanses and body scrubs and rid myself of all the toxins I accidentally ingested throughout the semester (champagne and dessert, all weekend – every weekend – oops). This is primarily because, I entirely believe that one CANNOT, like it is seriously IMPOSSIBLE, to effectively learn, do well and succeed when you’re not feeling/looking your best. This doesn’t really just apply to exam period, it applies to life in general, but these things always seem the most relevant to me around this time of the year. So, when you have something difficult on, exams, work related, life related – really anything – make sure your outfit is totally on ‘fleek’, your eye-liner is winged, your juice is green, your nails are did, your lips are red, and your skin is fresh, cleansed and flawless (Musq Cosmetics will totally help you out with this one).

SIDE NOTE: I’ve become one with Musq’s vegan free, Australian made, cruelty free, all natural Chamomile, and Cucumber Gel Cleanser. This is not an exam period necessity, this is an all-the-time necessity. I may never use another cleanser ever again, just sayin’.

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