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As the unofficial, self-proclaimed shirt kweeeen of Instagram/life, whenever I find a new shirt brand (particularly one of the high quality, 100% silk variety), I really can’t help but get entirely around it. So, well, you can only imagine my excitement when I recently discovered the brand The Fable. The lux, newly launched shirt label offers a variety of my favourite Spring hues and patterns, at a ridiculously reasonable price, and if you’ve been following along on Instagram recently, you would probably know that I am kind of all about these apricot/blush/tonal hues at the mo (read: Blush is the new black, I repeat – BLUSH is the new BLACK), so The Fable really could not have come at a better time.

Anyways, I wanted to show you how I styled a couple of their shirts for SPRING, using pieces I already had in my floordrobe wardrobe.


The BLUSHED APRICOT fable shirt has a soft, elegant feel to it, so I wanted it to look somewhat girly, but still a bit rough and carefree. I added on trend literal mum jeans (as in, I literally found these high-waisted cream, denim jeans buried at the back of my mum’s closet) and a classic Louis Vuitton Bag to complete the look. I accessorized with minimal gold jewellery and wore black boots to pick up on the black neck ribbon and accidental black hair (…more on this later…)*.


The BLUE GRANITE Fable Shirt is slightly more conventional and can easily be dressed up, dressed down and/or worn pretty much to any occasion ever to exist. That’s sort of just the beauty of a simplistic navy shirt. I decided to dress-it-down by adding a button up denim mini and my go-to black hat – because who ever said black and navy doesn’t go together is seriously disturbed.

ANYWAYS – WHAT COLOURS ARE YOU LOVING THIS SEASON? AND how are you dressing for SPRING? Let me know below!

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* SOooo… Last night I made the ridiculously spontaneous decision to dye MY OWN hair medium/chocolate brown… you know, at home, with the dye that you buy from the supermarket (yes I regret everything), and well – yeah – now my hair is black. Whoooops. #PrayForMe 

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  1. The blush colour is just wonderful and I love how you have incorporated it into the images you have chosen. Using it as a background to the grey tones is just beautiful. Wonderful post Jessica 🙂

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