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Just swinging by real quick this evening to introduce you to a new product I have been lusting all over, as of late. Sephora, you know, every girl’s happy-place for all things beauty, make-up and skincare, recently added Erno Laszlo, a leading celebrity skincare line to their list of international [best-of-the-best-of-the-best] products. With an amazing trip to the USA on the horizon (as in, tomorrow…), I’ve been attempting to perfect my skincare regime prior to my trip, so my skin isn’t as affected by all that airtime. And well, so far, Erno Laszlo is not disappointing. With pretty packaging not being the only thing Erno Laszlo is good at, it is fair to say – I’m totally sold. Hell, you had me at ‘celebrity skincare line’, #AmIRightLadies?!

I’ve been getting around these four cheeky little products so much, I’ve almost finished them and I haven’t even gotten on a plane yet, but hey – when a skincare line is good, it’s good. So far, my favourite products have been the Sea Mud – deep cleaning bar, which I have been using every night before bed, and the Hydra Therapy – memory sleep mask; allowing me to wake up every morning with the softest skin. I’ve already moved my favourite new products into tiny 100ml travel-appropriate bottles and I can’t wait to apply all my products, 35,000 feet above ground, during a SATC* marathon.

The next time I blog I’ll be in another COUNTRY! So stay tuned for my big US of A adventure!

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* If you are unfamiliar with this acronym, you have not yet experienced life… Just sayin’

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