Island Of Palm Trees

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SO – I have arrived! To the island of palm trees, crinkled tees, cool breeze & sunsets for daiz; a place where serious, and I mean serious, shopping is prioritized over beaching and smashed avo is replaced with bowls of street fruit, trusted from ‘hole-in-the-wall’-like places. So yeah – it is totally my kind of place. Besides the lack of smashed avo. I’m totally not about that. Either way – Honolulu, Hawaii is sort of everything I was hoping for and some. I’ve been channeling some serious bra-less beach-vibes and opting for simple silks and cotton tees, instead of my usual crisp white shirt/mum-jean-situation. I don’t usually like denim cut-offs, but I’ve been making a few exceptions there too. Perhaps it is the island; influencing all sorts of sartorial changes, either way – I am totally going with it.

ANYWAYS – here is Honolulu, Hawaii from my eyes so far. If you have any recommendations of places I should eat/drink/see/shop/do etc. let me know in the comments below! I will create a huge post at the end of my stay detailing all my favourite bits & pieces from the trip, so stay tuned!

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Sundown balcony views – all the colours, zero the worries.

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upside down because I was the luckiest person in the world (or at least – on my flight…) and had three seats to myself -so my view was indeed horizontal. jessicaalizzi 5jessicaalizzi 2

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  1. Ah Honolulu I know it so well. After three trips to this gorgeous and laid back city yes shopping is high on the list of must things to do and a part from the obvious (Ala Moana is a good start) you cannot go past Weikele Outlets and of course the Ward Center shops. But do make a trek to Kahala Mall too, that end of town is beautiful. As for must see places where to begin …. Diamond Head, Pearl Harbor, Dole Pineapple Plantation, the North Shore …. they are just a few of the gems to see on the island. Enjoy your stay, whatever may strike your fancy but most importantly happy shopping!

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