Oh, #LA

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Oh, #LA. Having already formed strong expectations for what the city may hold, given my somewhat ridiculous obsession with all things ‘reality TV’, my Instagram-feed and I, were all kinds of ready for the LA aesthetic, from the rows of palm trees, to the side-street cacti-pastel-coloured-walls-situation – but I must admit, cult-reality-TV-shows simply do not do this city justice.

From early morning coffee runs to Verve Coffee Roasters and Alfred’s Coffee, to brunch-situations at Cecconi’s followed by vegan-Mexican dinners at Gracias Madre, I totally fell in love with the restaurant/café culture of this city. Perhaps because it was all kinds of similar to that in Melbourne. From strolling down Melrose Avenue, to window-shopping in Rodeo Drive, we hired a car and drove from one end of LA to the other, stopping at every little corner and leaving no site-seeing opportunity behind. After a quick stop at In-And-Out Burger (…am I even Australian anymore?! What even is smashed-avo-and-toast?!) we drove through the city and landed at Venice Beach… But that’s a story for another day. Or more specifically, another post.

 Until then – I wanted to share a few photographs we snapped at LACMA in front of the somewhat iconic lampposts. Having spotted them a couple of years ago in a mainstream Hollywood rom-com*, I knew I had to visit them – and hey, any excuse for an impromptu photo-shoot-situation.

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 9.33.16 pm

* In case you are wondering, which I am sure you were (half kidding?), it was No Strings Attached. Ashton, Hi, I love you.

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