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Having just spent a week soaking up all kinds of sunshine-situations in Hawaii, I was ready to transition into a more monochromatic colour-palette and get back into my heeled-booty-all-black-outfit-look. LA was sort of the perfect place to do so. Opting for spontaneous holiday purchases and channeling some knitted-dress over waxed-denim vibes, I couldn’t wait to prance around in front of the iconic Paul Smith fuschia pink wall car park.

LA, you had me at hello fuschia pink wall car park.

Current situation: sacrificing spending-opportunities to save up enough money to go back to LA.

Truth: Half Kidding – as I’ve yet to make any financial sacrifices. Come at me salted-caramel-mocha-frappacino-java-chip-whip-cream-9,935 calories-price-of-a-small-Chanel-bag-Starbucks-situation. This may make more sense if you follow me on snapchat: jessicalizzi.

The End.

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