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Today I wanted to share with you a few things I’ve recently rediscovered/am-currently-all-about. So without further ado…

IMG_4821IMG_9469 TOPSHOP – Not necessarily a new discovery, but definitely a brand I am currently all about. This fedora is quite literally what my fashion-dreams are made of. Blush, navy & burgundy in a wide fedora variety… aka my three favourite season colours in hat form. UMM… I’m done, I can’t even. It is just perfect. Add a pin-stripe trouser, boxy blouse and ribbon detail and I may never wear another outfit ever again, ever. Fo realz’ tho.

ALL THE THINGS – Investing in the sweetest, most delicate little designer goods. From my newest Comme des Garçons purse to mini Tom Ford lipstick and perfume… But like, this Diane Von Furstenberg pom-pom though…

LOVE x STYLE x LIFE –  Oh, Garance Dore, your witty take on life and fashion is as refreshing as it is hilarious. I’ve already read this book from cover to cover twice now and am hereby referring to it as my ‘style-guide’.

THOMAS SABO – THIS Thomas Sabo blush beaded bracelet, or more specifically – things that are personalised. Dainty, sweet and barely there – just the way jewellery should be. CHRISTIAN PAUL WATCH – Having last week attended the Christian Paul Myer Event in Bourke Street, we were all lucky enough to receive a beautiful watch on the night! The event was everything an event should be, filled with the most fashionable of bloggers, champagne, canapés and a delightful dessert bar at the ready, we all felt incredibly spoilt.

RIBBONS & FINE JEWELS – This is not a recent discovery and is definitely not something new… I have an alarming obsession with tying ribbons around my neck and only wearing the finest of gold jewellery, even to the most inappropriate of occasions. There is no stopping me now. This has officially become an innate part of my style. As long as I am around, NO RIBBON WILL BE LEFT UNTIED.Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 9.33.16 pm

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