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Target White linen shirt / Target Black Denim Shorts

Inspired by the light linen, denim-cut-offs trend this summer, I recreated my favourite Sunday-afternoon-summer-look using pieces from Target’s new summer range. This is my ultimate Sunday-wear outfit. Paired with white sneakers and a take-away coffee in the morning, and dressed up with a strappy black heel, a clutch and a cocktail for the evening, this is an outfit I will quite literally live in. I opted for a monochromatic look, and added a touch of blush (duh!) with my neck ribbon (duh!) and nail polish. As for the perfectly blush coloured roses? Total STEAL, I got 5 bunches for $5 at the Camberwell Market yesterday morning. I know right, what even?

I am always surprised by the on-trend pieces I can find in Target, from linen basics, to oversized knits, they really do have it all (and at the right price too!).


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4 thoughts on “Found At Target

  1. There is nothing about that look that I don’t like. The subtle inner cuff design, the classic white button down, the hint of lace, and the frayed denims in black puts the formality in informality. Can’t get enough of that ribbon, as well as the nail tone link. The contours, texture and palette fits you so well.

    From a static visual perspective, the composition and marrying elements are on point. It literally narrates itself. I very much enjoy your photo sets, although this one has struck a special chord with me.

    I’m not sure if there is any difference between the Australian market vs the US when it comes to Target’s selection (for men). I know the Asian market is usually cut and designed differently (in reference to global brands). Personally the only thing I find palpable are their simple Vs, but then again I’m pretty picky (for myself) when it comes to the cuts and designs. But in general I do feel that the designs do work well for the majority. It’s definitely a major contender in the budget conscious market. I fall under the H&M tree if I want something nice and cheap in the $5-$15 range as far as men’s clothing goes. I do envy women’s massive range of selection in comparison though (for any chain/brand). I blame our social conventions, but that’s a topic for another day.

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