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GOOD EVENING / MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY! I’m just swinging by tonight to share with you a couple of fashionable Christmas memories and snapshots from yesterday.

From consuming more turkey/pasta/antipasto/smoked-ham/fruit/dessert/coffee than sense (Italian Christmas life be like…), to trying to walk it all off in 35 degree heat – my Christmas was filled with everything a ‘Strayan’ Christmas should be; good food, good drinks, good weather, good company and good memories, but predictably a lack of Christmas songs, as well the lyrics of ‘dreaming of a white Christmas’ and ‘frosty the snowman’ don’t seem to make much sense as we sweat our way through another bite of purposefully-chilled turkey leg or jump into an ice-cold pool post feed.

BUT moving along, to what is likely the least important part of Christmas, but for the purpose of my insatiable obsession with fashion, my absolute favourite part… PRESENTS. Or more specifically, THIS present which I bought myself, from me to me, #independent-woman-don’t-need-no-man style, #TreatYoSelf etcetera etcetera. Put simply, the Raya Grey Melange cardigan from Acne Studios. It has been on my list, on my very very long fashionable list, for quite some time. And well, my silly-self decided the middle of summer was the perfect time to invest in a mohair & wool winter statement sweater.

My future self will indeed be thanking past self come June. Or something like that. Either way, DID YOU #TREATYOSELF THIS CHRISTMAS?! LET ME KNOW BELOW!

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 9.33.16 pm

Side note: the sidewalk florals were shot walking home at dusk on Christmas Day

Second side note: the outdoor coffee situation is where I spend every single Christmas Day… the beautiful outdoor patio at my Aunty Pauline’s home

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