Bank Robber Chic

JESSALIZZI 6_collage

GOOD EVENING EVERYONE! Although recently somewhat partial to a ‘cropped denim short’, Melbourne’s summer weather [or lack there of…] has caused me to return to my denim roots, and by roots I mean my beloved Mom-jeans. Having sported this denim style for quite some time, I’ve usually always opted for stealing my actual Mum’s jeans to create the desired effect, however with TopShop Au launching such a diverse collection of denim, my mum’s oversized Levis’ may no longer be required*. I paired my latest pair (#Hehe) with a bank-robber** inspired top, a Status Anxiety black leather wallet and high-top cons for a basic monochrome look.

Anyways, as I felt I had been a bit M.I.A as of late (primarily due to pending Organisational Behaviour exam, fashion week and a plethora of social commitments), I added in a couple of extra photographs from my week. Cue; delicious coffee situation courtesy of From On High, and my first ever Céline purchase (sunglasses totally count right?!)


Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 9.33.16 pm

* …But I’ll look after them for you in the meantime… okay, Mum?

** Bank-robber chic is totally a thing, am I right people?



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