Ripped Denim

GOOD EVENING EVERYONE! Just swinging by to share with you my little look of the day. With Melbourne’s warm weather coming to a halt, I figured it was time to rip out (#PUNS) the ripped jeans, chuck on a tee, funky boots & an oversized navy blazer and call it a day… or something like that. Either way, when offered to collaborate with Target Australia again this month, I couldn’t go past this oversized-mum-jean-inspired situation. In fact, I love my newest trendy threads so much, I’m tempted to go back and grab a second pair, especially given the ridiculously reasonable PRICE (less than $50 AUD… I repeat, LESS THAN $50 AUD… Run, don’t walk).

ANYWAYS… VAMFF is done & dusted; it’s time to metaphorically jump back into university life. Sigh. Back to [law-life] reality, but until then – stay tuned for a big VAMFF outfit/runway wrap up… You’ve been warned.

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 6.03.33 pm


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