Sunday Things

GOOD EVENING EVERYONE! Tonight I wanted to share with you a few things I am currently all about in a ridiculously big way – so without further ado:

  1. Monogrammed bucket bags of the black or blush variety – this one is from The Daily Edited and it is everything
  2. Earring parties – you know parties on your ears… I am particularly into this little earring party as it features one of my fav jewellery brands ever – Samantha Wills… the marble/gold detailing is merely a bonus
  3. Mum jeans – no new explanation necessary, I’ve been all about these now for far too many months/years
  4. Light lilac stripes on my newest Rails LA shirt – so simple, so chic
  5. PUMA FENTY – ‘nuff said. I have them in white; I’m convinced I need them in blush – #BadGalRiRi
  6. Fresh flowers in super rich colours and tones from every market stall situation possible
  7. Hand parties – similar to earring parties but for your hand – these details are from Wanderlust & Co
  8. Only drinking coffee in its iced form (aka iced latte/iced coffee) regardless of how much the temperature continues to drop
  9. Miu Miu sunglasses – and not just for their crushed velvet blush sunglass holder – okay fine, maybe a bit for their sunglass holder (see Instagram for reference)


Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 6.03.33 pm

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