TheRaces: Beauty Essentials

img_9264_fotor_collageIn collaboration with – the hottest new fashion and lifestyle destination for all things RACES, I wanted to share with you the beauty essentials that I pack inside my bag for the day.

First things first, you need a bag. Not just any bag. The bag has to match your outfit, compliment your shoes, and be big enough to fit a bunch of stuff but small enough that it does not inconvenience your race-day-existence. Tricky I know. For this crazy bag contradiction, I recommend a slightly oversized clutch (brownie points if it comes with a cross-body chain strap) in the designer variety. I’ve picked the Givenchy Antigona Envelope Leather Clutch by


The Races always end up being incredibly hot in Melbourne and because of this, you should try bring as little with you as possible. Lugging around huge bags filled with everything (…but the kitchen sink) is going to weigh you down and make strolling around in stilettos for 10 hours even more uncomfortable. So here are the absolute beauty essentials you should bring with you:

  • Sunglasses – something I always live to regret forgetting… Apart from being the ultimate fashion accessory to any outfit, they also help with the whole sun thing too
  • Lipstick – because although some of your other make up may have slightly melted off in the heat by the end of the day, as long as your lipstick is still in tact you’re doing something right. Plus amongst all the eating, drinking and laughing this is usually the first thing to go.
  • Perfume – again, amongst all the eating, drinking, laughing and melting you want to ensure you still smell fantastic – I always bring around mini sample-size perfumes
  • Band-Aids/Paracetamol – because regardless how comfortable your shoes may seem before you leave the house, somehow, somewhere a blister will likely appear – best to be prepared.
  • Flat shoes (optional) – straight after The Races, we usually go out for dinner/drinks and a lil bit of partying and by this time my feet are dead. If the space in my bag will allow it, I always bring a pair of flat shoes to switch into somewhere in between my third glass of vino and directing an Uber about how to enter Flemington Race Course.



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