Grana Essentials

img_4287 GOOD EVENING EVERYONE! Tonight I wanted to share with you one of my favourite go-to brands for high quality, on-trend essentials. Apart from providing crazy high quality at a super affordable price-point, Grana has been a leader in all things silk, denim and cashmere for quite some time now. Offering up an alarmingly impossible-to-choose-from selection of colours, cuts and styles in each of their pieces, they really do have something for everyone. Having always loved [to wear the colour] red wine, I couldn’t go past this stunning 100% silk Grana shirt. I paired back the shirt with a simple black mini, gold details and a red Gucci belt, to show how easy it is to mix high and low and incorporate a bit of colour into a predominately monochromatic wardrobe.

ANYWAYS – If you are looking to purchase some wardrobe essentials or just so happen to love Grana as much as me, feel free to use the code JESSXGRANA – which will get you 10% off your next purchase & free worldwide shipping


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