Uniqlo – Ines De La Fressange

GOOD EVENING EVERYONE! As a long-term lover of UNIQLO, this month I wanted to share with you my two favourite items from their amazing Ines De La Fressange collection. I couldn’t go past these ridiculously chic trouser pants – super on trend and perfect for when the weather doesn’t really know what it is doing (aka – everyday in Melbourne). I styled back the look with an oversized blush cardigan; silky singlet top and some vintage-inspired Chuck Taylors. I also fell for this super silky, chic cream bomber from the collection. Easy to chuck on, I paired the bomber back with UNIQLO denim and chunky black boots.

I really love the French, Ines De La Fressange collection because apart from being super chic, the collection is made up of items that are timeless classics, such as well cut blazers, trouser pants and trench coats.


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  1. Slightly random name drop here, but I was lucky enough to meet Ines dlF in a Montmatre café a couple of years ago. I think she might have actually been shooting for Uniqlo Europe on that day. She worked that camera so effortlessly. Well, it looked effortless. Amazing the see the super-model effect on traffic & people in real life. Still crushing on her I think.

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