Postcards From Fiji

So this post was definitely meant to go live 3 weeks ago, but with the craziness that was VAMFF, an annoyingly persistent tummy parasite and a variety of campaigns I have been working on since my return (more on this soon), it just didn’t happen. And well, I think I am going to blame life too. You know, all the silly little errands that come up which must be done, like, right now – plus a few totally necessary fun things in between, like coffee dates, vino filled nights and long morning walks. But alas, here we go – 

Bula! (pronounced boo-lah) which means, hello/how-are-you/welcome/goodbye/seriously-anything-and-everything in Fijian. Originally I thought it was just a resort-thing, but quickly realised literally everyone, everywhere in Fiji says Bula! all day, everyday. It actually became quite exhausting after the 87372th Bula! for the day, but hey I get it – much culture, totally Fijian #culture. Anyways, we stayed at the amazing Intercontinental Resort in Nadi, Fiji for 5 nights, which was kind of the perfect amount of time to leave feeling well-rested, but also ready to get back to Melbourne coffee/city-life. The resort was absolutely stunning – with postcard-like-views at every corner, it was difficult to take a bad shot. Although intending to ‘relax’ for the week, we ended up leaving the resort on more than one occasion – we visited a local village (they say Bula! 100,000 times a day there too just FYI), a scenic waterfall that ended up requiring a 2-hour trek into the rainforest; a walk through 15 creeks and an encounter with several forest creatures to get to (totally worth it for the ‘gram though) and a Kava ceremony or two. We also participated in a coconut tasting ceremony, which evidentially turned out to be standing there whilst a local Fijian man climbed up a coconut tree barefoot (literally like a monkey), picked a coconut, with his barehands, cracked it open and handed it to us. Not at all what we expected, but far more interesting than the promised ‘tasting ceremony’.  

Anyways, Fiji was totally all that and some. We spent the days where we weren’t out adventuring – relaxing, reading, eating, drinking and photo-shooting. I wouldn’t rush back because the humidity made my hair go frizzy (only kidding…sort of), but would definitely recommend the Intercontinental Resort in Nadi, Fiji for your next visit. 


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