[Disposable Week]

Having always loved to take photos, be in photos or even just be around when photos are happening, it was no surprise that I found myself taking photos (albeit primarily of myself) for a living, what was a surprise though is that between all the content production, collaborations, photoshoots and I guess really what should actually be referred to as ‘work’ (although it never really feels that way), I sometimes forget to take photos – just for the sake of taking photos! You know, the kind of shots you take purely for memories or just because. So with a sudden urge to get back into taking photos just because – I thought I’d bring around a disposable camera with me for a week to encourage me to take more photos just for fun! Plus, a disposable camera felt so very fitting as when I was a kid I could barely get enough of them. I would quite literally bring a disposable camera to school/camp/any-somewhat-social-activity-happening-in-the-life-of-a-10-year-old and the spend the following week begging my mum to go get it developed ASAP. Ironically, a lot of the photos I took were of myself all dressed up in different outfits I had put together using clothes from my mums wardrobe or clothes that I had made – but that is a story for another day. So anyways, here you have it – my week from the eyes of a disposable camera. The quality is kind of questionable, compared to the usual DSLR and I chose not to edit or process any of the photos, which again I thought was a nice change from my more curated content.

I hope you enjoy the rawness of the photos and also the glimpse into my non-curated-life, let me know what you think and if you would be interested to see more content like this!

[coffee with mum]

[YSL Beauty Party with babe Maddy]

[Wittner x Van Gogh Breakfast at NGV]

[at my best friends sister wedding in the Yarra Valley]

[the morning after]

[asilio runway]

[drink between shooting with best friend/brother/personal-photographer]

[Van Gogh]

[post meeting with Aus Fashion Labels & the Fashion Journal magazine I featured in]

[the uber life]

[shoe of the month/year/my-life]

[my bathroom ft. Gucci]

[pre Asilio runway]


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