Winter Fash-un

With winter well and truly underway in Melbourne, it’s pretty important to have that extra layer of warmth when leaving the house, particularly on those icy cold mornings. Although most fashion people always say they love winter because they love winter fashion – the layering, the coats, the OTK boots etcetera etcetera – surprisingly, it has actually never really been for me. As a true summer-gal at heart, I find winter – or more specifically, winter fashion quite difficult. I don’t like having to wear a stack of layers but alternatively I despise being cold.

Luckily, as always UNIQLO has come to the rescue. Their HEATTECH collection really does appear to be the best of both worlds, with stacks of colours and options it is totally fash-un but still surprisingly SO warm! The perfect base layer for when the weather isn’t doing what it is supposed to be doing (aka sun where art thou?

How are you keeping warm, but still chic this winter? Let me know below!



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