Although I’m not usually one to gravitate towards the colour watermelon when it comes to dressing, I kind of couldn’t help myself with this shirt…

I imagine it has something to do with the winter making me all kinds of gloomy and thus I subconsciously (or perhaps consciously?) opted to purchase the brightest, most vibrant shirt available from H&M last week in an attempt to summon the warmer weather. I may not have achieved that, but I definitely think I made some progress with the sun… Either way, the sun came out today and I couldn’t help but pop on this shirt with my newest light wash denim jeans from THE FIFTHAlthough totally impractical for Melbourne winter, sometimes fashion [always] comes first. 

Lastly, I’ve been ditching pretty much all hair maintenance as of late in a bid to do less when it comes to my beauty routine – which to be fair is already painfully dismal as is, but in that I’ve opted to leave my hair totally natural aka a crazy curly mess (something that I haven’t done since before I was a teenager)… Let me know what you think and if you have naturally curly hair, do you blow dry/straighten it or leave it natural? 

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